Discover Your Authentic Self And Experience a Personal Awakening That Will Transform Your Life

What you uncover about your authentic self will amaze you, even if you feel confused and out of sorts right now. You have so much potential stored inside of you waiting to be awakened.

You’re about to find it.

An inner calling has guided you here. Deep within you, there is a longing for a path to a better life but you may be struggling as to how to go about creating it. Sometimes, you just need a little guidance to help you unpeel the layers of pain, confusion, and frustration to discover the core of who you are and what you so desire in life.

But it’s not the turmoils of your life that hold you back...
It’s that you can’t yet see how to experience an awakening in your life.

Your Awakening Begins with the Pathway Process™

A customized model of coaching designed exclusively for women
by Coach Melinda.

The Pathway Process™ ignites a healing transformation that empowers you to…

  • Become your authentic self and release the “shoulds” of who you think you should be.
  • Let go of fears, traumas, limiting beliefs, and behaviors, so you move forward and live life to the fullest.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem, live life with confidence, and go after what you so desire—whether it’s a fulfilling career, a more adventurous life, or more meaningful relationships.
  • Discover your life’s purpose with heightened feelings of self-worth and determination.
  • Move easily through life transitions with new found coping skills.

Invest in yourself and step onto your path of empowerment by awakening to you!

Coaching is provided for all geographic locations using Skype or the telephone. Your physical location no longer has to limit your coaching options.