Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

  • Do you want more out of life but are feeling stuck ?
  • Are you trying to move forward in life without success?
  • Do you long for a more meaningful career and personal life?
  • Are you going through a life transition that is unsettling?
  • Is your  self- concept  holding you back in life?

Create the change that you desire by engaging in Pathway Process™of Coaching,a customized approach to coaching designed exclusively for women by Coach Melinda . Your unique personality type is identified through the use of the Enneagram Personality Mapping System. This feature sets it apart from typical coaching practices; it is not a one size fits all approach. Insightful coaching exercises and assessment are selected by Coach Melinda to guide you onto your personality type’s path to personal and/or professional transformation.Click here for your free Enneagram personality assessment.

 Success stories of women coached with the Pathway Process

The Pathway Process can be experienced in several different ways. If you live near Coach Melinda in New Jersey you may choose to schedule in-person face-to-face coaching. You may also elect to utilize telecoaching via telephone conversations, Skype sessions, or Group coaching sessions which are available through a webinar format or face to face.

Together, we can remove the barriers that have been stopping you from reaching your full potential. The long-term effects of personal life coaching, hypnosis coaching, and career coaching are transformational. Invest in yourself and start living the life you’ve only imagined!