Empowerment Workshops For Women

Empowerment Workshops
For Women

As women, we dream of finding joy and fulfillment in our lives — to discover our path on the journey to living our best lives. The Pathway Process and its customizable workshops empowers women to find their unique path and connect to their heart’s desire. Workshops can be conducted on your premises, off site, or in a webinar format.

Blossom into the Woman You were Created to Be

Blossom into the Woman You Were Created to BeWithin each woman’ss psyche there lies an Inner Critic, a critical internal voice that prevents them from realizing their full potential. Women will learn how to disarm it and blossom into who they were created to be. They will:

  • Be given the Pathway Process Inner Critic Assessment
  • Determine the negative impact of the Inner Critic
  • Learn techniques to optimize their potential and quiet the Inner Critic

How to Say No Without Feeling Guilty

How to Say No Without Feeling GuiltyAlthough NO is one of the simplest words to pronounce, it is one of the most difficult ones for women to say. Women will earn a variety of assertive techniques that will enable them to say no so that they can become more empowered in their lives. They will:

  • Identify underlying factors that prevent them from saying no
  • Take the Pathway Process Communication Assessment
  • Learn 10 proven assertive techniques
  • Recognize that by saying yes to others’s requests, they are saying no to themselves

Living a Joyful Life

Living a Joyful LifeLiving a joyful life is possible! Women will learn how to step into this mindset by ridding themselves of cognitive thinking errors that cause pessimism and despair. By reframing their thinking women can begin to live a joyful life. Areas that will be explored are:

  • The physical and emotional benefits of an optimistic mindset
  • How to formulate positive subconscious messages
  • The use of visioning and goal setting to create a more joyful life

Pathways to Self Discovery

Pathways to Self DiscoveryWomen sometimes journey down a path filled with disappointment and despair. Identification of core values, strengths, and life purpose can lead women onto the path of self- fulfillment and personal success. Women will:

  • Identify their core values through the “Pathway Process Value Assessment”
  • Determine their signature strengths
  • Formulate a life purpose statement

The Type E Woman: Everything to Everyone

The Type E Woman: Everything to EveryoneThe Type E woman tries to be everything to everyone. By living from this mindset, women create their own internal stress which can negatively affect their well-being. Women will learn how to break free from the superwoman syndrome and live a less stressed life. They will:

  • Be given the Pathway Process Type E Assessment
  • Incorporate 8 stress resistant behaviors into their lifestyle
  • Learn the “Relaxation Response”

Women’s Call to Midlife

Women's Call to MidlifeDuring midlife, an inner voice begins to beckon women to re-evaluate their lives. Heeding this call enables women to live the second half of their lives with clarity, purpose and passion. Areas that will be explored are:

  • The stages of midlife
  • Different phases of transition
  • Core values through the Pathway Process Value Assessment
  • How to write a life purpose statement

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* Workshops are offered in 2, 4 or 8 hour segments